Portrait 2. Rio van der Oest, theatre marketer, blogger, Den Haag (The Netherlands).

If I was looking for a person who displays the essence of my brand, he could easily be three-year-old Mosi. Bright, open, happy and original... Of course, this is a great merit of the remarkable Rio, his mother, who developed his ability to express so wonderful character!

For me, it is important to have a happy home, with color, peace and the feeling of nature. I love earthy colors and lots of plants around me. 

I think the most important abilities that a mom should have is patience. With a toddler around I don't plan much anymore, I rather just see what the day brings and let things go it's way. Sometimes we are in pyjama's all day, other days we are at the beach at 7.30. When the sun is out we enjoy it to the fullest and take time to just be outside. No rush and no worries about cleaning the house. 

Most of all with my son, I like to go out to the woods, the beach of the zoo. He loves animals and I love his reaction to it. Also, it is a way to escape from daily city life. We live close to the beach so during summer months we are at the beach 3 times a week. 

Photo credit: Rio van der Oest

Photo credit: Rio van der Oest

I started my blog when Mosi turned one. I got to know so many nice brands I wish I knew about before I wanted to share my finds. And that is also the time Mosi started to sleep a better during the night and I found back some energy to write about my passion for (interior) styling.

In my opinion, to choose the color for the boy's bedroom you must be open-minded. I started with a multi-colored dot wall, with a lot of white and three big colorful paintings I made when pregnant. Our house changed into an urban jungle the past year so also Mosi's room changed a bit. I choose green, with a bold wallpaper and green dots, but I still love color combined with a lot of white and natural materials like wood and rattan in his room. The white and green makes are peaceful and the color brings some happiness we all need sometimes.

I think a boy or a girls room could look the same, at least I'm not directing Mosi to specific colors. He loves pink and even purple (which is the only color I really don't like).

The coolest trip I dream to make with my son is to Ghana. His father is from Ghana so Mosi is half Ghanian and I'd love to show him this country, with all the beautiful nature and animals. He would love it.