Portrait 3. Rie Langkilde Metin, Instagram Blogger, Holbaek (Denmark).

It all started with this photo, where Lighting balloons were photographed on the wall in the house of the Danish Instagram blogger @frumetin.

A few weeks before that, we had "met" with Rie through Instagram and thought about the possible collaboration. I was very interested in the blogger's esthetes and her way to decorate kids room, Rie liked my Lighting balloons and proposed to photograph them in her little son's bedroom.

After several months of this collaboration, I continue to receive feedback from my many Scandinavian clients who learned about me thanks to this publication.

My name is Rie Langkilde Metin and I live in a town called Holbaek in Denmark with my husband Kaan and my two boys Matheo (5 years old) and Julius (3 years old). 


I made my first Instagram post when Julius was about 2 months old. I was so fascinated and inspired by all the beautiful pages with beautiful children and decided to give Instagram a go.


Now I’m so excited working with the brands. I work with and I feel very blessed. I love the enthusiasm we can create together and I definitely love when the brand wants to get really involved working with me and I’m sure it shows off in my pictures. I have and only do collaborations for brands and companies I really care for.

Photo credit: @frumetin

Photo credit: @frumetin

The embodiment of Scandinavian style for me - it is the ability to compose classic design with current trends. 


The "Must have" for a true Danish house: definitely some kind of Danish design like Royal Copenhagen which is internationally renowned for its delicate blue and white porcelain products. Its collection has a great variety of plates, mugs, teapots, and bowls.

Also, Montana - it is a Danish brand that we’re very fond of. They offer personalized storage systems is an incredible array of colors and sizes, enabling people to create truly unique solutions. Their quality products are timeless, combining high functionality and sleek aesthetic.

PH Lamps is also a Danish classic you will find in many Danish homes. PH stands for Poul Henningsen who was a Danish designer and world renown for his beautiful and functional lamps.


House of my dream...? I’m so lucky I live in the house of my dreams. A house where I’m able to knock down a wall, be creative, move the living room to the dining room if I feel like it. I love the versatility and originality of our house.


"Hygge" for me it is a quite cliche. It’s a rainy day, dark and cold outside. It is a lot of lights and blankets, snuggling with all my boys.