Ekaterina Galera - artist based in France, of Russian origin. Specialized in the creation of natural fiber lamps, her workshop is located in Toulouse.

In a constant research for beauty and mastery of the material, each creation is realized by combining raw natural fibers and ultra modern colors, around a simple and refined line.

The handmade work, according to traditional methods of felting natural wool and mixt with new unexpected materials, confers a unique and high quality character to each object!

New lamp collection is inspired by the concept of mobility: getting information, traveling around the world and being close to each other at the same time ....

Battery-operated lamps can illuminate and share light everywhere - regardless of location, power outlet, and cable length.

The ability to order lamps from anywhere in the world via the web, to accompany the package with a postcard with warm words on your behalf, gives a chance to make the world a little happier.

It's a gift for you or someone you love as a symbol of warmth and care. A small bright creation for every peaceful person. Someone who, in his heart, will always remain a cosmopolitan nomad.