Felted wool Lighting Bag


30,00 €

  • Available
  • From 5 to 10 days

This Lighting Bag made from very soft natural felted wool, gives warm and golden light.

Bag: 27 x 16  - 10.63 x 7.08  inches (+or- 1 cm).

Made 100% from natural merino wool.

The bag fastens with a wooden clamp 10 cm - 3.93 inches (included).

A garland lights of 10 bulbs mounted on transparent LED cable,

is with a button on the box inside the lamp.

Operates 2 x AA Batteries Included.

Made in Toulouse, France.

For indoor use. Price for 1 lamp.

Can be installed everywhere you want – attached to a wall, ceiling or doorway.

Adds warmth and cozy atmosphere to your living space.

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