Lighting Ball L

44,00 €

Lighting Ball - This elegant and durable creation is made of reusable washable paper, and illuminates with a LED string inserted inside.

Lighting Ball: 30 cm – 11.81 inches diameter. Made 100% natural washable paper.

Cord: 100% cotton 60 cm - 23,62 inches long.

A garland lights of 10 bulbs mounted on transparent LED cable, is with a button on the box inside the lamp. Operates 2 x AA Batteries included. For indoor use.

Price for 1 lamp. Made in Toulouse, France.

Can be installed everywhere you want – attached to a wall, ceiling or doorway. Thanks to the long cord, you can playfully vary the way to attach this lamp. Adds warmth and cozy atmosphere to your living space.

The Washable Kraft Paper is made of natural cellulose fibers, it is a green and renewable resource that can be reused for a long time and it can easily be recycled. It is hard wearing, flexible and abrasion resistance. It can be spot cleaned or hand washed with mild detergent. It is lightweight, dimensionally stable and will not shrink or stretch.

You want to send the package as a gift? I will be happy to print and add a small letter on your behalf (in any language). Just select a picture from the last photo on which your text will be printed: house, boat, girl. And write your text in the message of your order.

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