I am a France based artisan creator originally from Russia.  I was born and grew up in Eastern Siberia. Close to the border of Mongolia - a place where native people historically bred sheep and made a hand crafted natural felt material. My long-time interest in traditional crafts of nomads resulted in the creation of my brand specializing in design and producing lamps en natural felted wool.


I use an old traditional method of felting wool. Just hand made work and natural materials – wool, water and organic soap - as it was hundreds and hundreds years ago. It is an ecological and animal-friendly way to produce in the textile industry. Material comes from sheeps brushed wool ribbon. When wool is mixed with water and soap it turns into a very soft and plastic texture. After – it is possible to give freedom to the

imagination and to create any form of lamps – clouds, balls, … .


In a constant research for beauty and mastery of material, each creation is made combining any natural fibers raw and colors ultra moderns, around a simple line and refined. The handmade work, and according to traditional methods of felting natural wool, confers an unique and high quality character to each object!


It is a nice gift to yourself or to any person, whom you love. Warm and soft – felted wool lamps can be excellent declarations of delicate taste and peaceful nature. Cloud-lamps, lighting balls and felted light garlands will find their place as well to give some warmth to any living spaces, as to illuminate exceptional events.

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