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Set of 6 Lighting Balloons
Set of 6 Lighting Balloons
Set of 6 Lighting Balloons

Set of 6 Lighting Balloons

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You can choose the colour of the ballons yourself and order these beautiful lamps at the best price as a set.

To order this set of five ballons you just have to choose the right option. If your composition is not proposed, you need to place an order for this product and indicate in the message:

1. The colour of the 3 ballons size S

2. The colour of the 3 ballons size L

The available colours: White, Blush Pink, Yellow Cheddar, Sugar Cookie, Celadon green, Pewter Blue, Cool Gray.

Lighting Balloon - This beautiful and poetic lamp creates a unique atmosphere for your home. Ideal for decoration and night lighting of a bedroom or any cosy room. This lamp works from battery lights, thus it can be attached wherever you want, and it is safe to leave it on all night. 

Made from 100% recycled and recyclable material. It is moldable, waterproof, long-lasting and it gives a beautiful effect when combined with light.

The cord is 100% cotton. A LED garland lights of 10 bulbs are included in each lamp, with a small box that stores the batteries, turns it on and off the light. On the back of the balloon, there is an eyelet for hanging the lamp.

3 Size S: W22xH26cm

3 Size L: W27xH31cm

Operates 2 x AA Batteries included.  

For indoor use. Price for 6 lamps.

Made in Toulouse, France.