Set Of 2 Tyvek Lamp Long

Size M + L

84,00 €

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  • from 3 to 5 days

Lamp long - beautiful and poetic lighting creation made from durable Tyvek paper. With the planet in mind, Tyvek paper is an eco-friendly material, thats is 100% recyclable and made-up in part of already recycled material. Tyvek is also elastic, waterproof, and long-lasting. Tyvek paper is a superior combination of paper and fabric, which gives an incredibly beautiful effect when combined with light.

Size M: long 48 cm – 18,9 inches, width 36 cm - 14,17 inches.

Size L: long 102 cm – 40,15 inches, width 36 cm - 14,17 inches.

Cord: 100% cotton 35 cm - 13,78 inches long.

A garland lights of 10 bulbs mounted on transparent LED cable, is with a button on the box inside the lamp. Operates 2 x AA Batteries included. For indoor use.

Price for 2 lamps. Made in Toulouse, France.

You want to send the package as a gift? I will be happy to print and add a small letter on your behalf (in any language). Just select a picture from the last photo on which your text will be printed: house, boat, girl. And write your text in the message of your order.

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